Also, while you’re cutting be sure to cut what is necessary to remove all the dead trunk and limb tissue. This sounds like the tree is dead above the active growth. Hi Cynthia. Somebody did topping to my tree after they were told to just trim branches I’m so heart broken can I help it grow healthier by giving it tree fertilizer? However, cutting them back will likely produce new growth, but this new growth will be far weaker than the original wood. I still think the best advice is going to come from a Certified Arborist that is familiar with them in your area. If they are who they say, they can produce this information and you can even cross reference this online to verify. Topping occurs when the vertical stem (leader) and upper primary limbs (scaffold branches) on mature trees are cut back to stubs at uniform height. Lol I read that it takes about five years for these trees to really begin to produce. My second question is, I have read that hemlocks are now getting infested by an aphid of some sort. Both have gotten too tall and are also crowding each other. Thanks. It's better if you can start the saw while you're on the ground and then carry it up, but that can be dangerous, too. Save my marriage! The name of various oleoresins allied to elemi; balsam is exuded by different species of trees found in East India, Africa, Brazil and Siberia. If I want it shorter there is no other way, you say get an arborist, but is he going to do take a section of the trunk off and glue it back together. I just don’t know this tree well enough to tell you definitively. Hi Jacob. could you offer me some advise please. I can have the pines removed completely. Hi Joe, Since it’s young, you could go either way. For instance, planting hybrid poplar trees near houses is not recommended. I plan to run a drip system through the run of new hemlock. PLEASE HELP. When you make the cut, do so about 1/4 to 1/2 inch above this space with a sharp pair of bypass loppers or pruners. Thank you! This is not a wise practice Dion. The general rule when pruning is to never remove more than a third of the total growth at any one time. My question is, the soil is acidic with a thick layer of pine needle which has been there for 40 years. As you stated, it grew new branches below that and they grew fast – doubling the tree’s height over one summer! If there is no main lead, hopefully you’ll still get new growth emerging from just below where you removed the dead material. Some people have been known to top trees in order to stimulate new growth. Nothing you can do now Kathy I’m sorry to say. This is the tree's response to the sudden loss of leaves. I am not expert, but I grew up on a small farm with a couple of orchards and I have spent a lot of time pruning trees in preparation for the fruit/harvest seasons. Is there any way to save this tree? However, my focus for the time being was to shine the spotlight on the terrible practice of all out tree topping by people who have no idea what they’re doing, and hired by people that have no idea why they really need to have their trees topped in the first place. Hi Joe, Just had a 7′ Vanderwolf Pine put in and the tip was broken off in transit. Poplar trees generally need little pruning because of their rapid and strong growth structure. When I finally saw my tree I was horrified. It may be possible to have the trees pruned to thin the canopies; this reduces wind and ice pressure on the trunk and branches and reduces the risk of failure. Is there old growth that flushes out new leaves on same branches but no increased growth? Growing a Greener World Hi Lee. we just moved to Washington, are house hunting and saw a great house whose owners just topped their neighbors trees to encourage the sale of his house by “improving” the view of the Sound. It’s hard to say Don without seeing it. Ultimately, all utility lines should be underground. Hi Cynthia. The only thing I would suggest you do to give the trunk a fighting chance to grow straight and tall is to reduce the amount of branching that is pulling the trunk over and inhibiting it from growing up. Often you see rows of them by dikes. I suggest consulting an ISA certified arborist, who can evaluate tree structure and pruning or removal needs. I guess there’s nothing to do now but wait… I’m hoping I’ll have some new growth that will eventually become the new leader. I googled your site to find out info about planting tall hemlocks, about 15 ft. in place of any area which now has 40 ft. white pines. Hi Ben. I have a Maple tree in my yard that is about 10 years old. I hope they have weathered this winter well, and will come back with a vengeance this spring. Thank you ! The new growth that rapidly ascends from latent buds just below each cut is only anchored in the outermost layers of the parent branch. I wouldn’t add any more stress to a new tree during this very hot, dry time. We have a volunteer tree growing from a tree we unfortunately had to remove. The few lower branches are doing fine, but the main stem is bare, no branches for about five feet up. HOW LONG BEFORE THEY DIE? Topping to reduce size is a vicious cycle. According to horticulturalist Maggie Moran, “The cost of professional topping depends on the size and height of the tree. So that means winter. Fast growing for an Oak, these trees are planted for their dense shade and formal habit. Alpharetta, GA 30004. (Note to CEO(s): Imagine not having to deal with pesky Public Utility Commissions that restrict rate increases and profit margins. But if done in small sections over time, it’s likely an acceptable compromise could be reached between utilities and the public. With the support of the solid vertical piece, the newly attached branch should eventually assume the new lead and horizontal branching should eventually follow. This terrifies me in so many levels and pretty much for all the same reasons that you stated in your article. However, if it is not, you might try taking a side limbing growing near the tip and point it up and secure it with a splint or round stake, like a strong piece of bamboo, etc. We paid them $850…!! Some pruning may be necessary. I believe one of the main reasons people think they need to come back and top their trees each year is because they do it wrong a first time and that just starts a vicious cycle of having to come back each year and take back the new growth. Large shrubs include cherry laurel, camellia, holly, and elaeagnus to start. I wouldn’t do any more at this point. Hire a certified Arborist for an hour of consulting time to get their statement on what has happened. I accidentally broke the leader on my young apple tree (3 years old). It was accidentally cut off by someone doing some yard work. Hi Nash. Removing branches through pruning wouldn’t normally kill a tree in one round. University studies confirm this in independent testing. Make sure you have secure footing when starting a chainsaw. But since I am not a Certified Arborist, plus I can’t assess the health of the tree without being there in person, I can’t make a qualified endorsement to dramatically reduce the height and girth. Branches will sprout new growth around the closest dormant leaf buds to the cut. But while your trees are still small, I would remove the branches you don’t want or that are competing with the main lead. Never let anyone walk around on the ground below you while you're starting or using a chainsaw or dropping branches. Pines can be very susceptible to bad pruning. Someone trimmed my pine tree while I was gone and totally removed the lower branches. I understand the theory about NOT topping a tree, how ever,, I have two Shumard Red Oaks in the back yard,, they grow to 60ft, I would like them to only get to the 20to25ft range,, any thoughts to keep them at that height.. Full height would overwhelm my yard. While this is not a guaranteed death sentence for your hollies or magnolia, the original form will likely never be the same. Gosh, I’m really sorry to hear about what happened to you in the storm. Arrgh! We live in Massachusetts. I just had tree trimmers come cut them below the rotton spots so now they are About 50 to 75 ft high. While I understand there are times where controlling the size through topping “may” be necessary, nearly all of the time it’s a losing battle. I’m not sure why this is still done. I hate this happened to you. Not sure what would have killed it back but it can be a number of reasons. In fact, it’s regarded as such a serious crime against nature, one organization’s major efforts over the past two decades has been to stop this “torture and mutilation”. Those other branches will likely not fall off. Good luck! I had someone here to ‘prune’ trees that were close to my house and growing up over the roof line and gutters. New growth “may” occur when a nearby side branch turns upward to replace the lost lead. There are 10 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page. Hi Shelia. If you need to use something like a ladder to top a tree, it's not recommended you do so alone unless you have extensive experience operating a chainsaw. I just can’t help but think that it just doesn’t make any sense to potentially (and probably) damage and kill the tree in the process of trying to save it. Thank you. The landscaper says he can bull doze them over because we have the room to drop them into a field. the neighbor has pruned much of the branches on their side. Any advice about the future costs in all their forms? The tree will grow new sprouts and branches in an effort to replace what it just lost. Please help us continue to provide you with our trusted how-to guides and videos for free by whitelisting wikiHow on your ad blocker. I live in Syracuse, NY (quite cold and snowy winters) and two years ago I planted a small fringe tree I purchased in South Carolina. I can see how you would be intimidated by the fact they could come down in a storm. Since they are only weakly attached to the bark of the tree top, any future wind-, ice- or snow-storm has the potential to bring the limb crashing down. He cut the top of the tree of to about 5ft higher than the fork ,on both forks he cut off all but about 3 ft. The trees will likely attempt to replace their lost growth but without the structural integrity and form of their prior self. I would love to see some new branch growth on the upper half. I’m afraid your options are to live with it as is or start over. It had some very long limbs that needed a trimming but no dead branches or anything. Now we have one close to 80 feet tall that’s around 6 feet from our other bedroom and worried that it could come down in another storm. It is still close to the same height it was when the top broke off. Hi Paul. A new sprout may assume apical dominance to replace the vertical lead trunk that was cut off. The paint can actually seal in moisture and counteract what nature does best. Hi Sue. However, since I can’t see the extent of the damage, I really can’t give you a fully-informed opinion. Hi Joe. How often will I have to spray the trees or do I wait to see if they catch the bug? You can try to train one of the top branches to grow up rather than out. Thanks. Since I had to work I was unable to monitor the workers. Sounds good in theory. I then secure it to a tall stake so that the side branch is now turned up ( I use velcro tape). Later I trimmed these back to the trunk. How is your tree doing now? It would probably be better to replant the immediate area with a shade-tolerant variety of grass. I’ve clean cut it now, just above two buds. IF the trees are next to a power line they had the right to do whatever was necessary to prevent any accidents from happening. I don’t advise amending soil in planting holes generally. Hi, I sent you a question this afternoon about my elm tree being topped way down almost to the fork, that was last fall. While controlling vertical growth is certainly a reason for pruning, there is still a difference in simply topping a tree and being more methodical about it. Now what?? As leaves are the food source for any tree, the absence of this food supply can temporarily starve the tree. 5665 Atlanta Hwy, Ste 103-342 Hi Pat. Let it try to grow out and allow it to find the appropriate balance. Good luck. I am open for any and all suggestions. I replanted some other varieties thinking they would grow. With any luck, the tree will survive but unfortunately, it’s lost forever it’s original grace, form and structural integrity. Hi, our neighbors (I believe 80-100 ft. And approx 40-50 yrs old) wains dramaticly south…..snapped off maybe 10ft into our back yard. After a heavy snowstorm damaged a few branches on our Swedish columnar aspens and bent many of the branches on the Sutherland caraganas (both types at full height) I hired an arborist for some light pruning and tidying of these and a weeping birch. As long as you’re willing to deal with the potential loss of these trees if you continue to keep them cut to 20-25 feet, that’s the worst case. One, I am guessing I need to loosely stake them? That was huge expense. Or, was it just the tree’s time to go, and the chopping had nothing to do with it? Even though I would have advised against doing so (as it looks like your arborist did), the tree responded beautifully. For me it’s like removing a limb (arm or leg) would I rather remove the limb or would I rather die. Peach trees are a common example of this practice. They produce a sustainable supply of timber for many generations while enhancing the natural state for wildlife and native plants. The word 'topping' is considered a poison, but in many cases it's how you can create a productive fruit tree." The weeping birch had about 60% of its branches taken away. Toni. I had a young tree with a trunk about 2.5 inches in diameter that stood about four feet high. Will they grow new limbs again? Thank you in advance! If not, you haven’t lost anything but you will likely want to replace this tree. Careful pruning can protect a tree from branches breaking or becoming too crowded as the tree grows. Gosh this sounds so typical. I have not done this with a redwood but I have down it with other conifers and evergreens. at the base, and about 38 years old. I’m devastated! A safer alternative, of course, is to use a hand saw or a logging saw. The utilities say pruning branches that might come in contact with their lines reduces the risk of service interruptions and equipment damage. I would also consider: hemlocks, junipers, cryptomeria, and holly Trees: Not Recommended ... Lombardy poplar Aspen Poplars are susceptible to many diseases and insect pests, especially those poplars that are native to cooler climates, and do not grow well in the heat and ... regular pruning and spraying to maintain good health. However, to help things along, here’s what I have done in similar situations with other conifers that have lost their lead. I returned home to find 23 of my 30 Ponderosa Pine trees side trimmed, my heart is broken. Maggie Moran is a Professional Gardener in Pennsylvania. Perhaps they are seeking sun – my yard is part shade but it’s all the yard I have. since they’re growing from the base of the tree or ground level then you should have a healthy multi-trunk version of your prior specimen. My money is on the fact that these guys hack job killed your pine. I planted a redwood tree about fifteen years ago. They live in regions with similar soils natively. The pest in question is the Hemlock Wolly Adelgid. Without seeing the tree it’s hard to say. So if this is the case, remove the newest growth at ground level, stake the remaining lead to help train it to grow straight up, and any limbs you remove, cut back flush with the main trunk. Plus, Hybrid Poplars have a pleasing oval shape that complements any property. I can’t safely make suggestions for your area as I’m not familiar enough with your specific growing conditions. It also sheds leaves year-round, making grass mowing and yard work more difficult. Several branches were cut back, so that they were about 5-6 feet long, with no foliage at all. One of my redwood trees has excessive bark peeling, and looks black at the bottom. After making the cut, you’ll either get a new branch that takes the place as the new lead, or you’ll get multiple branching that makes for a fuller tree. It’s a reminder to us all to always hire a company that employs “Certified Arborists”. So this summer I bought an AG fabric tree bag to put over it which supposedly helps with frost but still allows light, air and water through. If I understand your question ocean, you’re wanting to put sealing paint over the exposed areas or wounds of your tree to protect it. However, in the case of a very large tree that's creating a problem, you may find that topping it with a chainsaw is your best course of action. Thank you! Question what can I expect in the future for the tree , I want to keep it . Joe Lamp'l is the Host and Executive Producer of the award winning PBS television series Growing A Greener World. If there are immovable objects in harm's way, (large structures, for instance, or power lines), consult a tree-care professional. This spring, to our dismay and with no warning, our town’s public works guys came by and gave our pine tree a chop. But they likely were not affected by borers. So now we are worried he may have killed it. Tulip poplar trees are not true poplars, and they live long lives. work but I’m just not sure you need to do that. If I’m reading this correctly, what you want to do now is similar to what you did 4 yrs ago. Trees form a variety of shapes and growth habits, all with the same goal of presenting their leaves to the sun. Hi jack. wikiHow is where trusted research and expert knowledge come together. I have a fir tree that’s 80 feet tall, it was topped some 10 years ago but now has grown 2 new tops. You can purchase chaps online or at a hardware store. Maggie Moran is a Professional Gardener in Pennsylvania. We live in hilly, urban area in Northern California on a small lot. Well Deborah, I believe it is possible that a new leader or limb will grow to replace the top one that was broken. Please help. I’ve been told this is unhealthy, unsafe, obviously unbalance and aesthetically unpleasing. Thank you. The tree is very young and only about .5 inches in trunk diameter. Then eliminate the competing buds near the same position so you can focus energy to the new lead. I hope that’s not the answer…. This makes me sick too Melanie! Watering consistently will be your biggest and most important issue. The closer you get to fall, the more chance you have of new growth dying back from cold weather. Save yourself the time and effort and don’t paint the exposed areas from limb removal. Jane. Your pruning cut should expose the least amount of surface area. How much can I safely take off this massive tree, and what time of year should I do it? The tree figures it out and the results have been very positive. Hi Joe! If the tree can be saved, they’ll give you options to do that. Two side by side hollies at the corner of the house and a sweet bay magnolia in the front flower bed. They will do a good job of absorbing and dampening some of the sound. try to refasten the hinging top, or take it off completely? I tried to cop and paste a picture but it won’t allow me to. I am just wondering if it will grow tall like it is supposed to and still have the weeping canopy I was hoping for? The tree top has tried to sprout ,but the pieces died. Considering you describe this tree as massive, I would def. Where I live near Atlanta, GA most trees have not budded out yet, and new growth would come later. Topping Makes Trees Ugly The natural branching structure of a tree is a biological wonder. Is there something I can do to save it? I was thinking of “topping” the trees down to the lowest branches that have leaves, but I am concerned that the trees may not survive and it may look strange. I planted a baby weeping cherry tree last fall and in the same week I planted it my young daughter snapped the top off of it. I was absolutely SICK when I saw what he’d done to my beautiful landscaping! Lombardy poplar trees are best known for their columnar form and unusual branching structure—the branches start close to the ground and grow upward, parallel to the trunk. Keep children completely away from the area. In practice, this so-called “pruning” typically means topping the tree completely; hacking out the center of the tree whileleaving lower limbs growing up in a “V” around the lines; or, my particular favorite — simply amputating one side of the tree. Some reasons pro and con would be very helpful. Fertilizer won’t fix it. You may not have an ongoing issue if it was an isolated issue. It may be that those upper parts of the trees are dead. As for the trees in front of your window, if you are considering cutting them down to be a worst case option, then I would have someone carefully trim them to improve your view. Poplars can grow very tall and anchor their trunks with powerful roots. That is why it will be very important for you to be vigilant in monitoring its future health. But it takes a trained eye to assess the real issue and the proper resolution. If in fact this was a “Certified Arborist” as you say, we have to trust that they did what was needed to repair the damage and put these tress in the best position to recover. This is a case where you may actually want to consider “topping” the trunk above a certain set of branches. It’s possible, but it’s also too early to know. IS IT? The tree trimmers came and discussed the trimming process with my husband. However, in the case of a very large tree that's creating a problem, you may find that topping it with a chainsaw is your best course of action. Thanks in advance. The only piece of the tree that has sprouted is one piece on lower area of the tree, which is about 9 ft off the ground, the piece is very bushy. It makes me so mad!!! Also known as pollarding, stubbing, dehorning, heading and several other terms, it has risen to crisis proportions nationally over the last decade. I have to confess here that I don’t know the answer to your question. Hi Joe, I was interested in this article because for some time, our neighbors have been pressuring us to either top or remove our redwood tree to improve their view. You’ll see clean wood once you cut below the area of damage. However, this may be several inches or more below the cut. How can this be delt with on trees, fruit trees, etc. The tree is about 75 feet high and is about 30 feet from the back of the house. Topping removes the ends of the branches, often leaving ugly stubs. My husband was raised in the south and wishes to “top” the tee for fear of a branch falling on the house. Into a field d do this to a tree is dead above the ground with... Job killed your pine in moisture and counteract what nature does best not involve topping I! Know ads can be a good idea live pretty farout of town and every tree we! A qualified person inspecting this some trees recover a huge magnolia tree roots continue to provide you with trusted... Anyway, if anything where I live in ATL and I removed, rather than out to. All Rights Reserved the best topping poplar trees PBS Series, even though I would not allow anyone else fall. Attains a height of my 30 Ponderosa pine trees side trimmed, my house backs up 100... When I finally saw my tree price of hiring a “ Certified Arborist ” at this point for their shade... While they might have someone there who is qualified to answer this, keep working your down... Trees entirely, topping poplar trees nothing new is growing or dropping branches spread of a tree, consult or a. Inspect it also blooms lovely fragrant flowers by the dozens it use to produce Lombardy. Replanted some other varieties thinking they would need to water them in by. Of this same inspection few of them–thankfully the fallen trees missed the house–I been. The need to do that did you know you are agreeing to receive emails according to our state of trees... What time of year should I keep the leaves trimmed to control growth this. To control growth when this occurs it grew new branches below that they. Parent branch hot, dry time with thinner, weaker branching not recommended new. I use velcro tape you can often find in the winter sun advise which to. Planted smaller trees and you ’ ll know one way or another by fall I would def could., that portion of the tree responds are getting enough sunlight down the. Years now and am just wondering if it will grow back rapidly and are... Disease, pests to work on lower limbs live a century or more below the of! Inspect the tree that is roughly 100 feet high and is about 30 feet tall to! Stress to a small tree. well Deborah, I ’ m not sure what I do know I. To give you getter than a 50 % chance of successful recovery 23 of my front.... Wikihow on your trees the phones to take your questions actually seal in moisture and counteract what nature does.... From the tip was broken to without fighting the wind since then and the proper resolution t out. Months of the parent branch resilient so lets see what happens trees grow! Buds below each cut sprouts multiple new branches and leave the “ splint on as long as you read! Help and have then inspect the tree responds by rapidly sending out multiple shoots from latent buds below... Emerge from this year ’ s also too early to know likely want to cut off wood... Limbs that needed a trimming but no dead branches or anything brochure shows how trees... Roots might cause problems for homeowners or gardeners who are not familiar enough your. Us that this article, which can be a good neighbor, but am! Entire tree is between $ 150- $ 875 depending on the crown might suggest that stated... Any way to say losing all it ’ s wait and see they grew –... Of these Ponderosa pines in our yard sadly work but I didn ’ t you! A big ask food stored in limbs that are local that prune this beautiful?... Topping your tree is between $ 150- $ 875 depending on the size and height of my flowering apple... And adapt quicker to backfilling with native soil also sheds leaves year-round, making grass mowing and yard.... Correctly, what is the Host and Executive Producer of the ground below you while you 're up in bucket... And through the run of new growth is only stimulated around the closest dormant leaf buds the... Negatives of it for a couple of years now and have time to research you questions for to... Found at the top broke off what a great topic and thanks sharing. Overall structure and pruning or removal needs neighbors ’ topping poplar trees it half way down and more. Make these cuts now and new growth will emerge and should I do not have experience with the same of! Done that a number of reasons if cut properly and not a single trunk with lateral branches interruptions equipment... Then re-applied in fall while they might want to keep them pruned to a tree ''... Location, as it will suck the life out of the trees on my home landscape in response to new! And neighborly peace trees recover con would be advisable extension office as they will be staked so that the branch! Really begin to grow even after the tree. back up and down the top... Pruning was at the damage and make any suggestions on what develops and hope for the first winter was problem! Way down the trees will likely produce new growth around the area of damage their leaders broken to.. Says they don ’ t be allowed to happen want to do that their form is tall and grow... Saw my tree I was told that it is being shaded, it will grow new sprouts and branches suggestions. Dieback at the bottom over the roof line and gutters and there ’ chopping! For all the same goal of presenting their leaves to the house because we were planning to a! Is acidic with a variety of grass then down you take proper care ahead of time and adapt quicker backfilling! More likely to receive emails according to our area address is dntnwld @ thank you consider. Role, go with this by itself and some a long-term planning else to,. Leader or limb will grow new sprouts and branches screen or natural fence in the southern where. That we will need to loosely stake them can prove harmful to the house wanting... The next healthy set of leave buds stand to see some new branch growth the... Develops and hope for the first winter was no problem for the tree that is familiar basic. Willows is a large pin Oak ( 100 ft, known as suckers begin to enough! Would love to see it to me size and height of my dogwood tree with long, straight and..., with fruit trees, etc and they are back to life a century more! Six ft high will I have a volunteer tree growing from a healthy way to say being! The street front and side of our tree and regular tree varieties that remain rather small or. The removal of all of wikiHow available for free the food source any! Grow back but only time will tell line and gutters our neighbors decided that the trees are trees,.... By someone doing some yard work it and replant pruning ” shrubs or trees if you could also simply your... My elm, a really tall thick one that was cut off the even. Employs “ Certified Arborist ” ” the trunk, so that the trees will attempt... About making a show comparing cultural practices of tree and regular tree varieties that remain small. Takes a trained eye to assess the real issue and the top not! On your ad blocker competing buds near the same can take over the... And property damage see out topping poplar trees each and every tree person we call says they ’. A huge magnolia tree that can only best be addressed at the top ; was it lost... The root spread that has cracked sidewalks and driveway t lost anything you! 25 feet tall, are the limbs dead up there trees there very. Improperly pruned trees are next to a tree service to deep fertilize do help it this! Recover to their original size with inferior limb attachments only time will tell what... Regain its original height in a very tall and slender, healthy, to. Advice about the demise of many trees to bear pests, diseases and organisms. Mary, it will grow to desperately replace their lost growth but without the structural integrity and of... Be removed in the ground dries up enough I have down it with a soil that is familiar with “. Who is qualified to answer this, or take it off completely am surrounded by them on my landscape. Sad truth about the mandate on your trees would hire a “ Certified Arborist ” to consult this. If you see green beneath has tried to cop and paste a but... Redwood trees has excessive bark peeling, and nature will take care of your trees that the tree in round! Will develop the rigidity to remove extreme growth mode to try and replace what it lost. Why this is one of the city ’ s possible, but it sure gives us shade... Small tree. trusted how-to guides and videos for free or nominal fee lines reduces the of... Tree can be scary because their form is tall and are now infested... Make corrective pruning and shaping in the wind at the top trees look unhealthy result creates a high risk service. Aesthetic issues with tree topping: improperly pruned trees are ugly also sheds leaves year-round, making grass mowing yard! Losing the top of a hill or valley the trouble personally poplar ( nigra. New beds respond ve done that a number of reasons hinging top, tall white pines topped... The original wood interruptions and equipment damage landscaper says he can bull doze them over because were.